Keepso software for automatic sorting of industrial parts

Keepso is the driver of our machines and the software on which all our methodology is based

Sorting software
and automatic sorting machine control

The KEEPSO Software is the result of 18 years’ experience of TQS in the management of sorting machines. Its name comes from the phrase “Sorting Keeper”. Its mission is to guarantee the proper follow-up of procedures during sorting operations and ensure perfect traceability.

This software solution has the particular feature of being based on the quality management system and offers intuitive navigation through the company’s various processes. It covers the functions of ERP, MES and CRM.

Software for automatic sorting of industrial parts
logiciel pour la maintenance à distance de machine de tri automatique

Software for workshop management
and remote maintenance

This software to control the sorting of parts provides communicating functionalities; they make it the perfect interface for customers who can find in it, through their personalized portal, all the information concerning them, such as price requests, delivery notes, invoices or quality reports, sorting state of progress. Moreover, certain automatic functions can inform customers of the availability of their parts.

Software for monitoring production
and traceability

There is now a version built into TQS machines that can simplify production data entry and automate the monitoring of sorting machines. This solution is offered to all purchasers of TQS sorting machines.

The “full web” technology on which KEEPSO is based gives it all the advantages of modern solutions by freeing it from hardware constraints, since it is accessible from an Internet connection whatever the device: PC, tablets, mobiles…

Control software automatic part sorting machine

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