Automatic sorting of parts

By trusting us with the control and
sorting of your parts
, you are choosing
peace of mind and a guaranteed
Zero Defect result

Types of control

Machine vision control

The automatic sorting of parts by machine vision consists of
taking an image with a camera.
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Eddy current control

In the automatic sorting of industrial parts, Eddy currents are used by observing the deformation of a magnetic field
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Mechanical control

Mechanical controls are common in the automatic sorting of industrial parts, and can have several objectives.
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Types of parts controlled

Watch parts

Very small dimensions from 0.2 to 10mm.

Auto parts

Dimensions from 1 to 70 mm.

Screw parts

Diameter from 1 to 19 mm,
Length from 10 to 150 mm.


Small and large series

From 200 to 2,000,000 pieces.


Control of parts of different materials


Sectors of activity for the sorting of parts

While the automation of parts sorting started on a large scale in the automotive sector, it now covers almost all manufacturing sectors. Every day, we discover new applications for automatic sorting technology.

The need for automatic sorting was born from the automation of assemblies. Indeed, ensuring the connection between two parts in an autonomous way requires perfect quality of the two components. The risks during such an operation are multiple: assembly not possible or tooling breakage, while the ultimate risk is through faults which call into question the functionality of the finished product or safety of the user. All these potential incidents have financial consequences which can be considerable, hence the interest in making the process secure by controlling the quality of each part.

The automatic sorting of parts also meets a need for traceability and statistical data processing. Indeed, industrie 4.0 is based on communicating machines, capable of providing data for correcting and optimizing production. Our KEEPSO tool is perfectly aligned with this principle of data management and traceability.

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