From €150,000 depending on options

Sorting machine for connector parts

This automatic part sorting machine, created specifically for the connector market is designed for the aspect and dimensional control of electronic connectors.
It can be equipped with up to 4 vision systems.
Its innovative feed system means it can maintain a high sorting rate, while analysing the inside of the parts sorted.
Parts are fed by a specific 3D-printed wheel (TQS patent)

Quality control machine for connector parts provider

Specifics of the “connector” automatic sorting machine

  • 1 dimensional station (outside diameters, lengths, twisted parts, rolled swarf)
  • Up to 3 stations for side view (swarf, presence of drilling, presence of cross hole, twisted milling, deformed parts, presence of chamfer)
  • Specific wheel for feeding and checking parts

Technical data:

  • Parts from Ø 1 to 8mm and 10 to 40mm in length
  • Output = 5000 to 20 000 parts/hour

Standard equipment:

  • 2 vibrating hoppers (storage + separator)
  • Blower system for ejection of parts
  • Place for conforming and non-conforming parts

Additional equipment:

  • Parts supply
  • Endoscope (aspect)
  • Packaging

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