TQS franchise automatic control

is the franchise aimed at?

This offer is aimed at established industrialists who wish to provide a new complementary service or future entrepreneurs who require support in creating their industrial company and would like to benefit from all TQS’s experience with a complete and secure solution.

Because the automatic sorting market is growing fast

  • The manufacturing industry is becoming more and more automated and so requires that all assembled parts are compliant, hence the quest for “Zero Defects”.
  • Customer requirements are getting ever higher and products ever more technical, hence the importance of controlling the quality of each component.
  • The price of supplies is no longer based on the part but on the function, which explains why control costs are regularly higher than manufacturing costs.
  • Markets need security and therefore traceability, so it is essential to check each part individually.

Because the TQS solution is based on 3 solid pillars:

1. Our KEEPSO software

The result of 18 years’ experience and total process control in the automatic sorting service guarantees compliance with all operations and records all events during the different sorting processes.

2. Our sorting machines

Reliable and robust, our sorting machines for industrial partss have been developed for 12 years by our research department, with quality, ergonomics and communication as priorities. Indeed, all part control machines can be remotely operated to perform diagnostics, adjustments or vision programmes. This offers incomparable security and comfort for the franchisee.

3. Our training courses

The third pillar is training. Since 2015, TQS has developed a dozen training modules grouped together under the TQS Academy. They give the franchisee total control of all automatic sorting operations and the ability to carry out their job with complete confidence. They are the founding elements of the relationship between the TQS teams and the franchisees’ teams.

To join a network and share:

  • Commercial opportunities on markets that are increasingly globalized, imposing a very “standard” offer, which is the only guarantee of a level of excellence in terms of quality and service.
  • Technological surveillance of a market which is constantly evolving with permanent innovations, particularly in machine vision.
  • First-rate technology suppliers, with solid, long-lasting partnerships.
  • Communication and network management that allow the franchisee to become, depending on the case, the local technological showcase for TQS as regards the sale of machines.

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