From €160,000 depending on options

Quality control machine for watch parts, dimensions and aspect

This machine for quality control of industrial parts is specifically designed for the watchmaking market; it is designed for the aspect and dimensional control of watchmaking parts.

It can be equipped with up to 3 vision systems.

1 system for dimensional control and 2 systems for aspect control.

The machine has a robot feeder (3 axes) with its vibrating table and backlighting which can quickly locate the parts.

Picking of parts is done by suction.

At the exit of the robot feeder, the parts are placed on glass supports. The glass supports are arranged on a metal plate which rotates on itself. The parts are then checked by one or more cameras before being ejected according to their conformity.

Sorting machine for watch parts
Automatic sorting machine for watch parts

Model specifics:

  • 1 dimensional station
  • Up to 2 stations for the aspect
  • Turntable with glass supports
  • Part gripping by the feeder robot and its backlit vibrating sorting table
  • Compact machine

Standard equipment:

  • Marble-built table
  • Storage hopper
  • Feeder robot with sorting table
  • Two types of non-compliant ejection
  • Packaging carousel with 3 possible classes

Additional equipment:

  • Control of impacts and scratches on shiny surfaces
  • Rotating system (part rotation)

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