From €94,500 depending on options

Glass plate machine

This machine is equipped with a Ø600mm glass plate which.can have up to three vision systems. So it lets you control the aspect and dimensions of your parts. More specific options can be added to meet your requirements

glass plate sorting machine

Specifics of the glass plate machine:

  • Glass plate
  • Machine for stable parts on one side or grooved plate
  • Control station: 2 to 4 cameras
  • Aspect control: condition of surface, circumference and inner and upper sides
  • Dimensional measurements: Any type of measurement with precision
  • Precedence/absence control: Swarf, chamfers, tapping, knurling

Technical data:

  • Output: up to 40,000 pcs/hr

Standard equipment:

  • Flexible feeder / robot
  • Carousel
  • Linear conveyor / robot unstacker

Each element can be sold separately and more specific options can be added to meet your needs.

Additional equipment:

  • Dimensional control
  • Eddy currents
  • Aspect control (1 and 2 views)
  • Surface control
  • Colour control

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