From €127,000 depending on options

Optical sorting machine, notched plate for screws and bolts

The sorting machine with notched plate is designed for the aspect and dimensional control of industrial parts. It can be equipped with up to 3 vision systems.

The notched plate can hang parts by their head to perform specific checks on screws.

This automatic sorting machine can be equipped with an Eddy current system which controls the hardness of your parts compared to a given standard.

At the exit from the mechanical feed, the parts are inserted in the notches of a metal plate which turns on itself.

Optical sorting machine for screw parts

Specifics of the notched plate machine:

  • Continuously rotating or indexed notched plate
  • Machine for screw-type parts
  • Mechanical control (Allen, Torx…)
  • Control of the threading with patented TQS “screwability” system (impact on the threads, accumulation of surface treatment, thread too strong, pitch problem, deflection problem, double thread problem)
  • Control of the presence of drillings with a linear camera
  • Laser marking (QR code, Datamatrix…)
  • Presence/absence of swarf

Technical data:

  • peed: 1000pcs/hr
  • Standard camera field => 35×29.2mm

Standard equipment:

  • Storage hopper with Big-bag assembly
  • Multi-purpose vibrating bowl
  • Packaging conveyor

Each item can be sold separately and more specific options can be added to meet your needs.

Additional equipment:

  • Eddy current for material control
  • Loading robot with sorting table
  • Screwability system (thread control)
  • Laser marking
  • Linear camera
  • Packaging (storage in racks)…

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