Born in 2004 from the common experience of its two founders Pierre LOZES and Olivier LABERTRANDE at Keyence, Tri Qualité Service (TQS) wanted to be an innovative alternative to the growing need for investment in automatic sorting. Bruno LEROY, then quality manager in the screw-cutting industry, quickly joined the project.


In 2006, after some technological trials and tribulations, TQS decided to invest in standard sorting machines from Visicontrol, and then, in 2007, from Lazpiur for the screw industry.


In 2007, an initial move was made to Marnaz, the Scionzier site being abandoned because it was too small and impractical to accommodate growth at that time. TQS already felt the need to get closer to some of its distant customers and created a site in Sartrouville, which would become a victim of the crisis of 2008 and disappeared in early 2009.


The shareholding was then modified, leaving Pierre LOZES as manager of TQS and Bruno LEROY, who joined the teams at the beginning of 2008 as quality manager.

It was at the end of this crisis that TQS outlined what would become the founding elements of its current strategy, namely to concentrate 100% on automatic sorting and invest massively in developing its own technology, the first 100% TQS machine seeing the light of day in 2010.


In 2013, TQS moved to its new headquarters in Marignier in a 1700m² building that would support its growth.

The following year, TQS decided to meet the growing demands of the watchmaking industry and created a special site in Switzerland.


In 2015, a site was created near Milan for the mechanical industry of northern Italy. That year was also fundamental because it marked the start of a project that would radically change the level of quality performance of TQS, namely the creation of our ERP software KEEPSO, which has become the reference in terms of process control and traceability, and is now one of the 3 pillars of the TQS model.


In 2016, the Besançon site was created as an advanced base for all stakeholders in the Franche-Comté region. This site moved to a new building designed to KEEPSO standards in 2020. During 2016, the first training modules for the TQS Academy were finalized, representing the 3rd pillar of the TQS strategy.

After 10 years developing machines for its own use, in 2019, TQS decided to offer its machines for sale to its customers. Success was very rapid, and this branch represents the main area of growth today, accounting for almost 25% of the group’s global turnover.


In 2020, TQS offered software solutions based on the KEEPSO standard in addition to its machines, and prepared its future geographical deployment with an innovative franchise concept.


The first TQS franchisee opened in Gisors, near Paris, in September 2021.


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